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Asymptotes – About asymptotes – pg.1/6

Posted in Math Theory by Lia on 09/23/2013

Asymptotes: pg. 1, 23456


pg.1…..Asymptotes  – About asymptotes

pg.2…..Asymptotes – Oblique or Slant asymptotes

pg.3…..Asymptotes – Vertical asymptotes

pg.4…..Asymptotes – Horizontal asymptotes

pg.5…..Asymptotes – Exercises

pg.6…..Asymptotes – Answers to exercises


About asymptotes

The asymptote of a function is a  curve that satisfy the condition for which the distance between the asymptote and the function, approaches  “0” , when they tend to infinity.

Asymptotes are used to build the graph of a function.

Asymptotes have different shapes. 

We are going to show in the next pages how to derive the equations for the line asymptotes.

Below is a pictorial example for a graph of a function and its asymptotes.

 Asymtotes -general


The asymptotes are used to help graphing a function.

To see a list with the 5  Steps for graphing a function on Cartesian Coordinates System click here



Asymptotes: pg. 1, 23456









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